• As former Chairman of the Education and Recreation committee of Monroe County Legislature, served as liaison to of Monroe Community College helping guide its growth and development.
  • Former member, Casa Italiana Economic Development committee at Nazareth College.
  • Former Member of the Board of Trustees of the New York Chiropractic College during in the relocation of the Chiropractic College from Long Island, New York to its present location (at the former Eisenhower College) located in Seneca Falls, New York.
    Educational Program for Youth-“Courtroom Outreach Program for Youth”

“The youth of today are our future and I believe that educating them with the principles of law guaranteed under the Constitution and the knowledge of the judicial system is the best way to preserve our future for generations to come”  ~ Judge Vincent B. Campbell

In 2009 I spearheaded the Courtroom Outreach Program for Youths to educate our youth about the judicial system through an outreach program. The program invites local schools, youth groups including scouts, homeschools, and families to observe court room proceedings, tour the court facilities, and meet in a question and answer session with the judge. To date, over 500 students from our area schools, scouts and other organizations have participated in the program.

The purpose of the Court Program is:

  • To foster a positive attitude toward the judicial system and law.
  • To provide greater knowledge and understanding of the workings of the town court judicial system.
  • To create hands on experiences outside of the home and classroom


As part of the Court Outreach program Judge Campbell conducts “Mock Trials” engaging students through role playing as participants to help them understand the law and the different roles involved in a court proceeding and function.