Dear Greece Residents,

For the past 23 years I have had the honor to serve our community as a Town Justice of the Town of Greece.

During this period of time, I have endeavored to make a positive difference for our community. In 2009 I spearheaded the Courtroom outreach Program for Youths-to educate our youth about the judicial system. To date, over 500 students from our area schools, scouts and other organizations have participated in the program. In 2016 Judge Campbell authored a precedent setting decision in an animal cruelty case holding that animal life should be afforded the same protection as human life under the New York Court Of Appeals "Emergency Doctrine" exception to the search and seizure provisions of the  Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. This decision was selected by the State Reporter for publication in full text in the official New York Miscellaneous Reports. According to the state reporter, approximately 500 appellate term and trial court opinions submitted each year are selected for publication in full text in the official New York Miscellaneous Reports meeting the statutory criteria of precedential usefulness and a matter of public importance.

On Election Day, November 7, 2017 I ask for your vote to re-elect me as your Greece Town Justice. It would be an honor and privilege to continue to serve my community and I pledge to do so with the utmost dignity and judicial standards required of this entrusted position.

Thank you for your support.

Very truly yours,

Judge Vincent B. Campbell

Greece Town Justice

Judge Campbell and his wife have 2 children, 4 wonderful grandchildren and his beloved dog “Vinny”. They have been residents of Greece for over 36 years